Diagnostic Wax-Up Models

Dr. Laura E. Wittenauer may use a wax-up model of your teeth to plan and provide your treatments. This diagnostic tool allows our dentist to gain a more accurate understanding of your teeth and mouth so that we can provide you with treatments tailored to your unique needs. To schedule an appointment and learn more about diagnostic wax-up models in Newport Beach, California, contact our team at 949-640-5680.

Advances in dental technology have made it possible for our dentist and team to do much of your treatment planning digitally. However, we have continued to use wax-up tooth models as part of your treatment planning due to the many advantages they offer for your care. Ultimately, we use wax-up models because we want you to feel comfortable with and confident in the care you are receiving. These models help ensure that your treatment is effective, comfortable and tailored to your individual needs from the very beginning of your treatment process.

Wax-up models are physical representations of your mouth, and they accurately depict the size, shape and condition of your teeth and supporting oral structures. These physical models also allow our dentist and team to use actual dental items and appliances on the model, testing your treatment plan and simulating treatment outcomes. This allows both you and our team to see what your smile can l look like before, during and after treatment. Our dentist and team can then create dental veneers, crowns and other prosthetics to restore or replace your teeth, and you can make fully informed decisions about your treatment plan.

For more information about diagnostic wax-up models and to schedule a consultation, please contact our team today.